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Control your computer with Alexa

What can you do with Vicki?

Play music on your computer and control it through Alexa. Start a game or app before you get to your desk. Shutdown the computer from the comfort of your bed. Do a PowerPoint presentation and have Alexa change the slides for you. Have Alexa read aloud an article from a web page while you walk away from the screen. Lock your computer before someone else messes with it. Open that recipe you have bookmarked while you are in the middle of cooking. Navigate the Internet hands free because your hands are occupied. Dictate your next bestseller and have Alexa scribe it for you. Level up your routine by voice activating it through Alexa.

Extend Vicki with user created scripts and control any website or software through Alexa.

Get Started

To get started, follow the steps below on your computer.

* Installing the native addon is optional, without it Vicki can only control your web browser.

Scripts for Vicki

Teach Vicki new tricks with user created VickiScripts, here are good places to find them.

Write your own script

Write scripts to answer requests from Alexa on your browser. Here is an example.

        /// ==VickiScript==
/// @name Hello World
/// @utterance Tell $invocation hello
/// ==/VickiScript==

$vs.listen(/^hello$/, async (request, response) => {
  // A alexa request with utterance "hello" came in!

  // Open hello world wiki page on a new tab.
  const url = ",_World!%22_program";
  await browser.tabs.create({ url });
  // Make Alexa say "Hello World"
  response.say("Hello World").send();

See the Developer Guide to start developing.


1) How safe is this?

Here are the key things you should be aware of:

See technical details on security

2) Can I control multiple computers?

Yes, however each Alexa input device (echo) can only communicate with a single computer at a time. To set the preferred target computer say "Alexa, ask web browser to set my preferred vicki" and it will list all connected computers by a name. The name of each computer is listed inside the browser extension's pop up.

3) Can I control my computer from multiple echos?

Yes, when you attempt to use your 2nd echo the computer will prompt you to add the echo as a trusted device.

For any bugs or feature request, use the GitHub issues page.

For private communication, contact